Friday, November 02, 2007

Busy Friday

Today was a crazy busy day at work. I'm already exhausted and yet I have a whole night full of fun ahead of me. Red Bull anyone? :)

We did a couple stories with Brenda Cooper, an Emmy award winning Hollywood stylist. She actually created the whole look of The Nanny back in the day. And she hosted one of the original reality shows - E's Fashion Emergency. I used to watch that show religiously (before I gave up TV) and so it was really cool to work with her. She was so sweet and nice, too. The first segment we did was on finding your "true colors" - you know, like are you a summer, winter, fall, etc. But it's much more sophisticated these days. Turns out I'm a soft autumn. Which means it's better for me to wear grays and browns rather than black. Guess Mom was right all these years.

Then we went to the White House, Black Market store on 5th Avenue and did a segment on building a complete wardrobe (work, evening, comfy) starting from a basic black silhouette. I stood in as one of the models and it was a lot of fun trying on all the outfits. I wish I had a Hollywood stylist to go shopping with all the time! My wardrobe would be so much more functional instead of all the odds and ends I have that never match.

In the afternoon we interviewed plastic surgeon Dr. Rey of the E show Dr. 90210. He was quite the character-- a little crazy, but a lot of fun. He is promoting his new line of body shapers. Good way to skip the plastic surgery and look good. He drew a naked woman on our celebrity signing wall. Boss is going to freak about that, come Monday!!

Here's a pic of he and I on the Better TV set.

Dr 90210 and me

Tonight I'm going to a booksigning for Kathryn Smith over at Posner's in Grand Central, then to NYC RWA president Elizabeth Mahon's bday party. And late night, Leanna and I are hoping to hit the Knitting Factory for some dancing. Fun, fun.

Then the rest of the weekend I need to be a good little girl and work on my Gamer Girl edits!!


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