Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Transit Strike Day 2 - Johnny walks

Day 2 of the NY Transit strike. I thought of you all as I walked my 10 minute walk to work. It was so cold out. I couldn't imagine all you people who had to walk 5 miles or 300 blocks. Felt so bad.

Then I found out the Yankees stole away Johnny Damon and my sympathy diminished somewhat...

In other news, I scored a copy of Serenity on DVD! Yay. As you know I've been dying to see the movie since by the time I watched all of the episodes of Firefly, the movie was no longer in the theater. The DVD has 20 minutes of deleted scenes too! Can't wait to pop it in - so much for the idea of going to the gym tonight.

Oh - I got this wonderful gift in the mail - a $50 gift certificate to an Italian restaurant called Mama Maria. Problem is, the giver's name was not on the certificate, so I have no idea who it's from! If you gave it to me, please fess up so I can send you a thank you note and think of you while eating my chicken marsala. :) Anyway - whoever you are - thanks! Will be well enjoyed. :)

Okay that's all I've got. I think I'm crashing from my sugar rush. So many holiday treats around the newsroom this time of year!!


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TJBrown said...

Chicken Marsala, Mmmmmm.

My teens have reached the point in their lives where they are just all discombobulated by Christmas. Christmas used to be soemthing that was done for them, now they have obligations as well. LOL. And the time is going by so much faster.

Then Christmas enters that odd twilight period between the magic of santa and the magic of being santa:)