Friday, December 09, 2005

Checking In

Hey all,

Thanks for the congrats on finishing the book! It is such a relief! I took the weekend off and started the next book today. It's the sequel to Boys that Bite "Stake That!" and is going to be a LOT of fun to write, I can tell already. I love the main character, Rayne. She's a total bad girl. Uninhibited and cool in a goth kind of way. The kind of girl I always wished I was in high school. In reality I'm way more like her twin Sunny, the star of the first book.

I got to see my friends Ali and Bobby from Florida this past weekend. It was sooo much fun to hang out with them. I really wish they lived closer. (I used to live in Orlando for a short time which is where I met them.) Of course, I "see" them all the time - virtually that is. We all play World of Warcraft together every night. But it's rare we get to see eachother irl (in real life). Anyway - the three of us had an absolute blast running around and getting lost in NYC, but when the weekend ended I was pretty bummed because then I had to say goodbye. :( I really hate the fact that some of my favorite people in the world don't live geographically near me. Thank goodness for videogames.

It's Friday, but I have to work tomorrow. Got to produce some holiday stories for channel 7. Booo!! But Sat night I have a Christmas party to go to over my friend Lisa's house. She had a party last year too and it was really nice, so I'm looking forward to it, even though as a rule I am an antisocial kind of girl who hates parties.

It's like a blizzard here today. I was going to hit the gym after work, but I might just hole up in my house instead.


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Karen said...

I've made great friends in game that live on the other side of the world - and even had a chance to meet a few of them in Vegas this year. Makes the whole world your back door.

Great job jumping into the next book so quick! Wish I could borrow that speed for a day.