Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random stuff not as interesting as Diana's


My blog entry is not going to be as fascinating as Diana Peterfreund's. She's just gotten back from Manhattan and blogs about her oh-so-glamorous trip. There's drinking fancy cocktails, dining on pumpkin and apple soup, viewing Picasos, watching Broadway plays (Spamalot - am sooo jealous. So. Jealous.), and brunching with her editor.

I didn't brunch with my editor this weekend. Nor did I see any Broadway plays or drink any fancy cocktails. No. I went to Superdiamond. I dined at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet with my dad and stepmom. (Which was good, but they didn't serve pumpkin and apple soup!) I met my friend for ice cream. I went to an RWA meeting and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and french fries afterwards (as the diner we went to also did not have pumpkin and apple soup on the menu.)

Hm. My life seems so boring in comparison! :) But then, Diana's finished her book. I have, uh, not. Maybe I can treat myself when The Book That Will Not End finally does.

Tomorrow night my friends and I are actually doing something pretty cool though. It's called StyleFixx and is a show of local designers who have tables where you can buy their really cool clothing, jewelry, etc. When you enter, they give you a bag with lots of free samples of cool stuff and there's a bar so you can literally drink and shop! I mean, why is this event only once a year?

Oh and Activity Director Mary Schwager would like to point out that she organized this event. So yes, sometimes she comes up with some good ideas. But I still haven't completely forgiven her for Surreal Neil...

Oh, more to come on this later, but I'm going to be doing a workshop at Romance Divas. The topic's going to be: "You Got the Call: Now What?" and will basically take you on the journey of first sale to published on-the-shelf book. It's not just for first sale authors, though. This is stuff pre-pubbed writers should know NOW - cause once you make that sale, it's all a whirlwind. This class will get you prepared.

I'll give you more details in the days to come.

So, have you heard about this anthology, BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEVAMPYRED? A bunch of very cool romance authors got together after the tsunami and created this anthology to benefit victims of the tragedy. It used to be an e-book, but now you can buy a print version as well. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

One of the stories, "A Dance Through the Garden of Good and Evil" is written by one of my favorite romance authors - Susan Grant. The premiss is this: "When Pastor Harmony Faithfull unknowingly hires a tall, dark, and sexy demon to be the new church groundskeeper, all hell breaks loose."

Then there's "Candy Cox and the Big Bad (Were) Wolf" by PC Cast What a great title!

"Godiva Tawdry casts a spell and burned-out school teacher Candy Cox finds the sexy young were-lover of her dreams. But when she finds out he?s really the pack slut, she sets out to ?teach? him a life lesson. It?s never smart to piss off a woman who makes a career of disciplining teenagers?"

I'm definitely picking up a copy of this book. I mean, paranormal stories from some of my favorite authors AND I can justify spending the $ cause it's for charity. PERFECT!

Okay, my blog entries are getting WAYYY too long.



Stacey said...

Hey, I also have a Book That Will Not End. It's slowly killing me : )

Dorothy said...

My life is boring even compared to yours! Ah yes, I know about those books that never end. I'm about to work on two of them right now...sigh...

Mary-activity director said...

The activity director is coming forward and confessing she's the Mary in the acknowledgements of Fashionista.

Marianne is thanking me for convicing her to leave certain x-rated "activities" in her book. See life would really stink if it wern't for Mary and her active mind...

For the record, the fashion show was Heather's idea! There are others to blame for Superdiamond too--I won't name them.

Diana Peterfreund said...

LOL. It was *really* good soup, too. Wonder why they don't serve it in the diner in Boston?

Glad to see you blogging again!