Saturday, October 22, 2005

Book Trailers are Cool

I'm off on a major dog walking excursion with my friends in a few mins, but wanted to pop on and write something so I could keep my "blogging every day" promise.

Have you seen these book trailers? Christine Feehan does them for her books and they're soo cool. A great alternative way to market a book in today's MTV society. I sooo want one! Though being a TV producer, I think I could recruit a photog/editor friend and produce them myself instead of hiring an outside company. (Not that I think I can do better, just that I am poor!) Maybe I'll do one for Boys that Bite. :)

Anyway - check them out and let me know what you think: Circle of Seven Productions.



Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised at how inexpensive these can be. We just did a commercial plus booked airtime for an author all for $2500! Yes, that included the cost of the airtime.
Some of the mini teasers are as low as $500, but the big productions can start to get a little more costly as special effects are. Still, the most expensive has been $5000 and that included a month of publicity assistance, booking the airtime, formatting for tv and web, etc.

I think (and hope) that we get better at doing them as time progresses.

We have watched these really start to catch media attention. Our clients have seen their commercials play on television and in movie theaters as well as online and in bookstores. I got an email from an executive of Borders out of Ann Arbor. He just wanted to email me to tell me how cool our latest videos were. Next thing I know...we're playing them online at Borders! Things have really taken off!

Don't discount this very effective marketing tool due to budget. I know a lot of other companies are charging a great deal, but Circle of Seven came up with this idea and we are very aware of author budget. Heck...I'm an aspiring author myself.

I'm so glad you like the trailers! I'd love to share our stats with you if you're interested.

Sheila Clover English

TJBrown said...

I have thought of doing something like this for my book (hasn't been picked up yet) but I wouldn't want actors doing anything. I am not sure I would like people to portray my charcters before the readers get a chance to imagine them.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I've always wanted to do this if I ever get published. My main character is a D-list horror movie actress, and I want to do clips from some of her horrible movies.