Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twas the Night before the night before Christmas

And I thought I'd share some winter pics with you, since I've been remiss in blogging!

My agent (on right) and publicist. We had a lovely dinner on the Upper West Side and then headed over to Rockerfeller Center to take photos for the agency Christmas card. That's the famous Rockerfeller tree and 30 Rock in the background.

dec 4 039

Barb and Alesia came up from Florida to visit me! (Okay, it was to visit editors and such, but I got a visit too!) We were joined by lovely Sarah of the SMTB blog for dinner at Kennedy's, my favorite Irish pub on the UWS. They sat us right by the fire, which was extremely cozy. The girls thought, since I made the reservation, I must really have some pull. But I think we were just lucky!

The girls at Kennedy's

The girls at Kennedy's

Did a shoot at the Plaza, which was decked out for Christmas. I'd never been inside before. It was pretty, but a little too ornate for my tastes.

The Plaza

The Plaza

Jacob and I tried to go ice skating in Central Park, but it was closed for a private event. :(

Central Park Ice

December 009

And we got snow! (And note our pretty blue balcony lights, too!)


Snowy NJ

Molly took a peek at the snow...


And decided it was cozier in her bed!

Molly cozy in bed

And that is a December wrap-up for you! More Christmas pics to come soon!


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