Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Life continues to be busy, busy, busy! But at least I'm never bored. Two weekends ago I went to the NINC (Novelists Inc) conference in Saint Louis. It's a published author conference and the workshops were great. I gave one, too, on getting media coverage for your book. Mostly I hung around with Diana Peterfreund and Julie Leto. I discovered Julie and I are pretty much twins, separated from birth - at least when it comes to Disney and Arthurian legend!!

Then this past weekend Jacob and I spent twenty-four hours in Lardeo, Texas - literally! We flew out at 6am and arrived at 11am and then left at 11am the next day to fly back home. What a whirlwind! We did it to go to Jacob's family reunion. The reunion was a very nice event - and I got to meet a ton of Jacob's huge family. No, I don't remember everyone's name!!! :) But they announced our engagement to everyone which was very sweet.

This week we're trying to lay as low as possible, though we are going to go to see Jude Law in Hamlet tomorrow night. That should be awesome. Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play and I think you all know my feelings for Jude. :) We don't have the best seats ever, but it should still be good.

This weekend my author friend Serena Robar is coming to town from Seattle so we're going to throw her a little night out on Saturday. Will be great to see her! And Jacob and I swore we'd go registry shopping and look for his wedding attire as well.

The registry shopping has been a bit more difficult than I anticipated because we've already been living together and are both in our thirties so we already have a lot of the kitchen stuff you normally get at a wedding. However, I do want to at least pick out a china pattern as I think once we're all settled someday in a house we'll want to have formal dinners and it would be good to have some nice stuff to set the table with instead of our current mismatched dollar store and Target plates. :) That and I want one of those single serve coffee makers. Those are awesome.

Speaking of wedding - I think I found the perfect dress! It's so beautiful - very princessy. I decided I just could NOT go casual - even though maybe it's more venue appropriate. I think later on I'd just be disapointed if I did. After all, this is my one and only chance to be a princess!

Anyway, that's all the update I have for now! I'll try to update more regularly in the future!


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Allie said...

Ooh! Congratulations on finding your wedding dress! That's so exciting!