Friday, October 16, 2009

Jude Law - Hamlet

So as many of you probably know Jude Law is probably one of my favorite actors of all time. But mostly this is, I must admit, cause he's so darn good looking! But now I can say, without a doubt, he's also an AMAZING actor.

Last night, Jacob and I went to see him play Hamlet in a limited 12 week Broadway production of the Shakespeare play. He was amazing. So talented. You would have thought he was a regular on the Shakespearian circuit. I was very impressed. He was passionate, funny, and his movements were almost poetic. Oh - and he's also a great fencer, too. Some critics say he was too passionate and too literal in his movements, but they can all bite me.

Another note - Hamlet is definitely the original Emo boy, that's for sure. Truthfully, the play would make a great YA book, if not for the downer of an ending.

In any case, two thumbs, way up! Go see it if you're in NYC within the next few months!


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