Friday, December 29, 2006

Viva the Internet

I'm very happy because I found a place online where people have uploaded tv shows and I've been able to watch season three of Veronica Mars before it comes on DVD. I was so sad when I'd finished season 2 cause I thought I'd have to wait until the DVD came out for season 3. But thanks to modern technology I can catch up!! I'll still buy season three on DVD when it does come out, but at least now I don't have to wait.

And I can finally go read all the whited out text on Diana P's blog where she rants about the show. ;-)

Ah, the simple, but good things in life. :)

In other news... As you know, my friend Teresa is coming tonight to stay with me. So I've been busy, busy, busy cleaning my apartment. you can see...I had a little help from Molls! :)

Haha!! The things I do to that poor dog. But don't let her pained expression fool you. Really she just sat around and ate Christmas bones while I did all the work. Most of which consisted of sweeping up the piles of black hair she leaves everywhere. I don't understand how that dog still has a fur coat, the amount she sheds!!


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