Monday, January 16, 2006

Activity Director's Bday Recap

So Activity Director's bday party was a mixed bag.

It started wayyy early - like at 6pm - because none of the guys said they'd show up unless they could watch the Patriots playoff game. It was being held at Jillians, this bar on Lansdown Street. They have pool tables and bowling and stuff. They used to have a full floor of videogames - which was very cool, but for some reason they took those out. :(

So first off, it takes a full 15 minutes for the waitress to bring that first drink order around. Then we order food and it takes about 45 minutes to come. By the time it comes, half the items are ICE cold. I'm not talking luke warm, but COLD. So we ask the waitress to talk to the manager who tells us he "doesn't care." We ask him if we can get the cold food replaced and he says, "No, my kitchen is backed up." He does agree to take the cold food off the bill, but that doesn't do much for us being hungry. Finally we convince them to let us order a bunch of pizzas. The waitress "special ordered" them hot, so I can only imagine what kind of things the cooks did to them.

Anyway - it drags on. The football game is NEVER ENDING and the girls are all bored. The drinks are so slow to come that I can't even get a buzz. The guys aren't happy either, cause the Pats are getting killed. And there will be no dancing at the club downstairs (Tequila Rain) until the game is over and they clear away the tables. I consider leaving, but Mary begs me to stay, really wanting to dance. So since it's her bday, I do. Four of us girls go and play pool which turns out to be pretty funny cause none of us can play. I mean I'm talking cue ball flying across the bar bad. :) So that was amusing.

FINALLY after being at the bar about 5-6 hours, the game mercifully ends. We go downstairs to dance. I'm still not buzzed enough to appreciate the scene. It's a college area bar so everyone's young and hoochie looking. There's a long bar area where girls are dirty dancing with eachother. And they're serving slush drinks in long plastic glasses. It's like some weird spring break and we're half expecting the room to suddenly be flooded with foam.

We start dancing, but are interrupted by like 3 bar fights in 5 minutes. The bouncers are very agressive and one of the fights is right in front of us. I'm half afraid I'm going to get shot or stabbed. I realize I'm too old for this scene. I miss the club we used to go to - this goth club called Manray that was shut down this past summer. Everyone is so well behaved there and the music is 80s alternative. (As opposed to really bad hip hop.) Sigh.

So that's my night. Overall, there were fun moments, but I doubt we'll ever go back to Jillians again. There's no excuse for such bad service. But on the plus side, at least Mary didn't break anything this year...

Here's a couple pics. Click for a larger image. And please note the silly spring break drinks. We just HAD to try them.

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Cindy Holby said...

girls dirty dancing each other? Yech. I was cheering for the Pat's from the comfort of my home in front of my big screen. Sorry they lost but hey, My Panthers won!