Friday, November 04, 2005

Random Firefly Rant

Sorry to be a blog slacker yesterday. The day just got away from me. But I did finish watching the Firefly series on DVD. So you can rest assured my time was well spent! Though I have to say, I'm very disapointed I can't go out and buy a season 2. Why the heck did they cancel such a good show after only 14 episodes? So not cool. Firefly could have been the next Star Trek. They could have had Firefly, The Next Generation! Now I'll never get to see whether Mal and Inara will admit their love to one another. If Kaylee can ever get the good doctor to loosen up. Will Zoe and Wash have a baby? Will we ever learn about the Shepard's past? What the heck will happen to River? And will Jayne ever meet a girl who can change his ways? (I think that would be a FUNNY episode!) The series ended in a such an unfinished fashion. I assume because they probably hoped to do another season.

Oh yeah, I forgot. There's a movie. It better answer all my questions or I'm going to be seriously mad. Of course, someone I know who saw it gave away the fact that people die in it. Like main character people! :(

Okay I"ll try to see it this weekend and then let you know what I think...But right now, what I think is Joss ought to revive the series and continue where he left off. I bet it'd be super popular now. As always, he was just ahead of his time...

Still, now what am I supposed to watch? Maybe I should start Buffy again. With seven seasons, it should keep me busy for a while... Or maybe Angel. I never did watch Angel...

Okay that's all I got today...Feel free to discuss Joss's genius, Firefly and Serenity. Just don't you dare post any movie spoilers!! We can discuss AFTER I go watch it!!!


Natalie Damschroder said...

I feel the same way!

But actually, they canceled it after 11 episodes. They filmed three more that never got shown. It's all up in the air because the hammer came down before they even came close to resolving anything.

The movie is great. It answers some, but not all, questions, at the same time making it completely viewable for a non-Firefly fan. I saw the movie before the TV show.

I completely blame the idiots at Fox for the show's failure. They didn't air the pilot, the well-done two-hour introduction of the world and the characters, until DECEMBER. In that intro, we learned why the characters were criminals and how they ended up on the ship, but the way they aired it, you didn't know who to care about and why. I watched the first ep and never caught it again, and I'm so upset about it.

My plan is to win the lottery and finance a new season of Firefly, or at least a new movie.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL hope is the movie will do so well that someone (ahem Sci Fi channel are you listening?) will continue the series =)

I blame this all on Larissa LOL