Monday, November 28, 2005

Bah Humbug!

Hi all,

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and got stuffed. :) Sadly, I had to work. TV News does not take a day off. Oh well. It's not my favorite holiday anyway. My favorite holiday used to be Christmas, but I'm not really feeling that this year either. You see, I was always very into my family traditions at Christmastime. Seems silly, probably, but we always did the same exact thing every year - even when my brother and I grew up, we still did it. I could describe the routine, but it wouldn't seem exciting to you. The point is it was something familar to look forward to every year. Something special.

Now my parents are divorced and my childhood home has been sold. My brother's way out in Colorado, my mom's in Florida, and my dad's new family is going skiing. It's just not the same. I know, I'm a grownup now and should be making my own traditions, but if you're single and alone, that's tough to do. I mean, should I bother getting a Christmas tree? Seems silly since I never have anyone over. What, is the dog going to admire it? And besides, trimming a tree by yourself seems kind of lame...

Maybe I'll pick a new favorite holiday. Like Flag Day, maybe. Or that might be bad, seeing as it would require I go out and buy a flag. Hm. Maybe Groundhog Day. As long as I don't get stuck in a time loop like Bill Murray. :) Though that actually turned out pretty well for him in the end...


PS - just so I dont get in trouble with the fam if they read this blog - for the record I am invited to the ski trip on Christmas with the step family. And I'm sure Mom would be more than happy to have me down to Florida if I wanted to fly down. I mean, it's not like I'm being ditched or anything. All I'm saying is Christmas is different this year. And that makes me much less interested in bothering with it.


The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Oh, Marianne, I'm sorry. :-( Being the only single one left out of the "kids" in my family (and hence no kids of my own), I have to wait for every other year for all of my family to be together since they do the off years with their in-laws. Even in my thirties, I still want all the traditions to be just as they were when we were little. I mean is it too much to ask for it all to be the way "I" want it? ;-) But I know what you mean about decorating alone. Why bother? I tried the tree a few years, but it only made being alone more depressing with a nice fire in the fireplace, candles flickering and the tree lights blinking...and just me...sitting on the couch thinking something is missing. Just remember, you're not alone in spirit, anyway! And with how fast this year has flown by, Christmas will be here and gone in no time. Keep your chin up! It's almost Valentine's Day. Oh, crap, yeah that's just as depressing. ;-)


Dia said...


If you ever want, you can come to my family Xmas...

"You need to go on a diet"
"What's wrong, why aren't you eating everything on your plate?"
"What is this... a what? What the heck do I need one of these for?"
"GIFTS? It's JESUS'S BIRTHDAY!!! Not YOUR birthday!!!"

... really, it brings all those warm fuzzies that come with the holiday cheer, straight to my heart.