Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Florida Fun!

This past weekend Jacob and I headed down to Hobe Sound, Florida to spend some time with my mom on her birthday. She lives about a mile from the beach and it was great to relax and enjoy some warm, non-rainy weather for once.

We stayed at a great hotel called The Jupiter Beach Hotel which was right on the water. Two thumbs up. Except that their waffles tasted like vinegar. Or maybe orange juice. Bad after taste, whatever they were.


We swam in the ocean, ate out at my favorite chain steakhouse, Longhorns, danced to a 60s/70s cover band at a local bar, and I even signed books at a local Barnes and Noble. A very good time!!

Some photos:

The beautiful, greenish waters of the Atlantic, right outside our hotel.


And there was also a nice pool.


Doesn't Jacob look relaxed?


That was before he had to fix Mom's computer!


Me, reading a book at Mom's. Ravens of Avalon by Diana Paxon, in case you're wondering. Pre-Arthurian fantasy.


Mom and I outside the hotel.


Signing books at Barnes and Noble. They get more excited when you come down south to sign books. Most NYC booksellers could care less about authors. I guess they're a dime a dozen here.


My mom found it amusing that I wanted to go in Hot Topic. I have to admit, I did feel like a bit of a narc in there. But hey - it's research. And besides, I bought some awesome flip flops.


Of course no visit to the 'burbs can be complete without a visit to Dairy Queen! Oh Blizard - I love you so!


All in all, it was a great trip! Happy birthday, Mom!



Dorothy said...

What a blessing to have you here for my birthday. Thanks both of you for coming and for my dinner at Longhorn's and for my router (which I am loving), and for dancing with me and all the old people at Pirate's Cove. You are the best. Love you and miss you.

Tez Miller said...

Everything I know about Hot Topic, I learned from the "Ungroundable" episode of South Park ;-)

TJ Brown said...

Glad you had fun. Looks like a relaxing time:)