Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just a random update

So a lot of things in my life are in the works. Many good and potentially good things, but until they are all finalized I cannot talk about them. Grrr... Sucks to have a blog and not be able to share everything. Oh well. Soon, soon.

Just finished writing A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest, the sequel to CT Fashionista. Going to pass it in on Monday. Very happy to be starting Girls that Growl, book 3 in the Boys that Bite series. Those books are just so fun and easy for me to write. The second I opened the blank word document, the story started just flowing out of me. I couldn't type fast enough to keep up with my ideas. Maybe it's cause I know the characters so well now and I love being in Rayne's head. She's such a great person to write. I feel almost as if she's real.

Started reading Diana Peterfreund's Secret Society Girl today. Got totally sucked in at the doctor's office and ended up reading 61 pages, which is a lot for me in one sitting. No wonder there was such interest in this book! I'm also reading The Winds of War, a world war two book, which is going to take a lot more time to finish, considering it's 1,050 pages and very small print. It's really interesting though--and I feel like I'm learning something about history. Plus the people seem very real.

BTW Dorchester finally posted pics from the National Conference. For once I'm not in half the shots, which is probably best. I like to think it means I behaved myself this year. ;-)

I have NOT yet seen Snakes on a Plane. Sooooo sad!!!


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Gena Showalter said...

You are such a tease!! We want to know this good news!!