Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend and Alternate Realities

Soooo happy it's Friday. Not sure what's on tap for the weekend - definitely gaming tonight and then going out with the gang tomorrow night as per usual. Sunday I've got an RWA meeting and then my dad and stepmom are taking me to dinner for my birthday. My birthday actually isn't til March 2nd but I'm doing a month long celebration. :P Next weekend I'm having a big Boston bash and then the following weekend I'm off to Orlando for a joint celebration with my friend Bobby who is only 4 days younger than me. Sure to be a fantastic weekend, complete with concert going (Sisters of Mercy for you goths out there), Disney World, and warm sunshine!! Can't wait! I love birthdays. It's even worth getting older, just for the parties.

BTW did all you writers see this? Dorchester is putting out a new line of speculative fiction romances. Heroines are young - 18-25ish and kick ass and the subject matter is all alternate realities and dystopian societies and such. Kind of chick-lit/sci-fi if you will. AND as a bonus they're going to have anime/manga covers!!! How cool is that?!?! Totally a Marianne type of book and I'm sooo submitting a proposal. I applaud Dorchester as a company for taking chances and doing different types of books like this. It's great for writers like me who love to color outside the lines. Just cross fingers that my idea matches up with their vision...

In other good news - I've heard a rumor that the new CW network may bring back Firefly in some way shape or form. CHEER!!!!

Anyway - Happy Presidents Day weekend to everyone who has Monday off. For all of you who have to work, take comfort in the fact that I'll be slaving away with you. In TV news we don't get days off during sweeps. :(



The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

Happy early b-day, Marianne! Mine's this coming Friday, so I totally get what you mean about stretching it out as long as possible. :-)


Marianne Mancusi said...

Ooh - happy birthday to you too Christina!!! :)


Shalanna Collins said...

Hi, Marianne! I was the nut who won the critique from Chris Keeslar in your Fire Fund auction . . . he didn't buy that book, but I hear that he is the person to submit proposals for that new SF romance line that you mentioned in this post. I have a book that I gave up on marketing some time ago (being told that cross-genre doesn't sell) that I will be polishing and sending in to the line!! Do you happen to know whether I should send the proposal to Mr. Keeslar, or is there someone else? I have very scant info on this. All I know I got from (grin)

If you happen to know where to send proposals and what the line will be called (so that I can mention the magic word in my cover or query letter), could you tell us? Or you could tell me at my livejournal ( and just leave any comment). Or you could reply to this . . . or you could tell me to go away. Whichever. . . .

Hope you are re-settled at home by now. I look at the Gulf Coast and New Orleans and just cry for those people who lost their houses/homes. There was a special on CNN last night about it and it was just wrenching. And those trailers are sinking into the mud in Hope, AR, when all those people need them! Aaarggghghghgh. Um, well, in my future dystopia, at least that isn't going to happen. (GRIN)

Marianne Mancusi said...

Hey Shalanna!

Yup - it's Chris who's accepting proposals for the new line. It doesn't have a name yet. Just say "new speculative fiction line" in your query. I think he wants 3 chapters/synopsis as standard. Dorchester does take unagented. You should definitely mention that you were the one who won his critique in your cover letter.

Good luck!!

Shalanna Collins said...

Thank you, thank you! I'm at ConDFW this weekend but will be sending in a query on Monday. Keeping fingers crossed that he needs several books to launch the line and that ours are chosen! (Keep dreaming!)